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Nota Bene: 04.07.17

Nota Bene: 04.07.17

“When tyranny becomes law, rebellion is a right” – Simon Bolivar

I. Martinez vetoes tax hikes, funding for higher education and Legislature

II. Opioid abuse is an epidemic because it’s being institutionalized with no officially recommended alternatives while the Feds continue their disastrous drug war. Cannabis has helped Veterans with opioid addictions return to functional lives and many Veteran organizations are actively fighting for more cannabis access. When Republicans, like Martinez veto Bi-partisan legislation that would make it easier for those (including veterans) who suffer from opioid addictions to utilize the state’s medical cannabis program, I am only reminded of the actual lack of compassion and sustaining hypocrisy many of these Republicans do have. The stereotype comes from somewhere. Read New Mexico Governor Vetoes Medical Marijuana legislation.

III. Sen. Rand Paul is one of few Republicans reminding the neocons and Trump that those missile strikes on Syria are an act of War, come to Congress for approval please. Read here

IV. Russia has taken initial steps to making American-Russian conflict in Syria more likely by Suspending Early Warning Memorandum with the U.S.

V. Libertarians of New Mexico will choose new leadership for the Libertarian Party of New Mexico tomorrow in Albuquerque. A political slate, of which I am a member of, has developed to challenge the ineptitude and irrationality of the failing status quo. You can read more about the slate at lpnmnews.com