The New Mexico Politico was founded in 2005 by Aaron Henry Diaz as a running commentary on news, politics, and culture in New Mexico and the Nation. The blog would soon lead him to political campaign work specializing in grassroots organization and media relations. Diaz has also been involved in broadcast radio as a producer and host of various programs in the news talk format heard in the Albuquerque, Las Cruces, and Southeast New Mexico markets.

Our goal is to feature fresh voices, perspectives, and data along with special coverage of topics that, by design, are usually overlooked or ignored by corporate media, pundits and politicos. Join the most meaningful conversations impacting our beloved Land of Enchantment. We aspire to provide an independent, organic and intellectually honest source of liberty oriented ideas, policies, and solutions that honors our heritage while preserving opportunity for future generations to live in a truly voluntary and free society.

Our founder

Aaron Henry Diaz

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

An 11th generation New Mexican, Aaron Henry Diaz is a proud descendant of Mesilla Valley founding families. Diaz’s experience in politics includes grassroots organization, strategy, research and media relations. He also has a background in broadcast radio production and hosting of syndicated, prime time programs for the news talk format in all major New Mexico markets. He earned an AA from Holy Cross College and continued his education at Texas Tech University studying Political Science and History. Diaz and his family operate businesses with interests in sustainable agriculture.

Email: ah.diaz[AT]me.com