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Nota Bene: April 4th, 2017

Nota Bene: April 4th, 2017

When goods don’t cross borders, soldiers will

I. Congressman Steve Pearce was recently on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal discussing the Trump Administration’s Immigration policies. Pearce knows building a wall is not a long term solution to problems associated with illegal immigration and securing our Southern border. Because he represents a Hispanic, Democratic leaning rural district he must approach Border issues delicately while still appeasing his base of conservative Trumpistas in SE New Mexico. He displays this well in this segment, watch here.

II. New Mexico Republicans should read this as an omen…The Republican Party is Dying in Hawaii

III. Libertarians of New Mexico will be choosing new state leadership this Saturday April 8th 2017 in Albuquerque. A Liberty Slate has developed to challenge the failing, stagnant party status quo. More about the slate here.

IV. Growing up in New Mexico you always heard of the infamous or famous, depends on perspective, Billy the Kid. In Mesilla there’s always a bar patron who claims to be a descendant of William Bonney… or Brushy Bill? Some say Sheriff Pat Garrett didn’t kill the Kid and he made it to Texas to start a new. Atlas Obscura looks in on The Old Man Who Claimed to Be Billy the Kid.

V. Living in New Mexico provides an excellent opportunity to stargaze throughout the year. Chaco Canyon is now designated an International Dark Park, so grab your telescope or binoculars and camping equipment for a night and head out there. You will see the Cosmos like you’ve never seen before. Here is April’s Sky Summary.