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Nota Bene: 09.14.2017

Nota Bene: 09.14.2017

“America’s Democracy is in trouble unless we put aside the political extremes and work toward our common goals.” – Sen. Pete Domenici in 2008

I. It is hard to travel anywhere in La Politica without meeting a politico who either interned or worked for the late, great Senator Domenici at some point in their careers. Here at the New Mexico Politico, our very own Dax Contreras was part of the final crop of Domenici interns to serve in DC before his retirement from the U.S. Senate in 2009. Growing up with a Sheriff as a grandpa, I had the opportunity to meet the Senator on a few occasions when he was visiting constituents in Las Cruces. My Grandpa, although an elected Democrat, had the utmost respect and congeniality towards the Republican Domenici, just as the Senator showed towards my Grandpa. Both were of the Depression era, Roman Catholic and came from a time when the elected were not politicians but public servants. Senator Domenici served our New Mexico with class and dedication, I hope there are at least a few Democrats, Libertarians and Republicans out there in the political farm league who will take a pause and contemplate the difference between a politician and public servant. We could use more St. Pete’s in Washington, Santa Fe and City Hall. The Albuquerque Journal profiles the reaction to Sen. Domenici’s death from participants and panelists of the Domenici Public Policy Conference in Las Cruces here.

II. Early voting is now underway in Albuquerque with the campaigns ramping up their media and grassroots appeal via phone, television, radio and canvassing. In a cycle where no mayoral incumbent is seeking re-election a vacuum of competing interests, egos, and associations are engaged in all out battle. New Mexico In Depth sheds some sunlight on the increasingly involvement of ‘Dark Money’ entities flexing their political will in this municipal cycle. What I find interesting is a majority of these third party actors, independent of the actual campaigns, are associated with leftist organizations. These are the same people who cry about money in politics correct?

III. Albuquerque municipal elections are supposed to be non-partisan but we politicos all know that’s a bold faced lie to voters. Former Mayoral candidate, City Councilor and Attorney Pete Dinelli drops some truth bombs on this subject in his latest editorial. My favorite quote, “What I am sick of are Democrats trying to act and talk like Republicans, and Republicans trying to act like Democrats, especially after they get elected to positions like mayor and City Council and arguing that they are being “nonpartisan.” I’m looking at you Pat Davis, Dan Lewis, and Don Harris!

IV. Congressman Steve Pearce has asked U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to open a federal investigation into Albuquerque’s late term abortion mill, Southwest Women’s Options and the University of New Mexico for reckless and criminal behavior. According to LifeSite News, a 2016 Congressional investigation found possible criminal collusion between UNM and SWWO, “selling aborted baby parts for profit and altering abortion procedures to obtain “intact,” sometimes heart-beating specimens.” Congress has asked New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas to launch a criminal investigation but nothing has been done. “We fear the investigation is being stalled intentionally to allow the potential violations by these two entities to reach the statute of limitations,” Rep. Pearce has stated. This is alarming; I do not often agree with Pearce but I hope he will use whatever influence he has with the Trump Administration to get the federal investigation underway before those statute of limitations take place.

V. I still haven’t been to Expo New Mexico for the State Fair this year. I’ll likely use Groupon to buy my discounted tickets, you should too. You’ll likely catch me inhaling a turkey leg with a side of funnel cake washed down with a cold beer in the stands watching rodeo stars love life. Saludos!