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Nota Bene: 05.09.2017

Nota Bene: 05.09.2017

I believe if I want your money to run my campaign, I should ask you for it…I shouldn’t use tax dollars to promote my ideas. – Paul Ryan McKenney, candidate for Albuquerque City Council District 9

I. Campaigns for the Albuquerque City Council are in full formation, the Albuquerque Journal reports 17 citizens have followed official protocols to obtain ballot access in the October 3rd election. 500 petition signatures from registered voters in each district are required to be placed on the ballot. After a general scouting of the field, incumbents should be concerned with the healthy field of adversaries and the generaly negative attitude towards Albuquerque’s status quo that spurned these campaigns.

II. While we’re on the topic, the Journal’s Editorial board had scathing words last week for councilors Harris and Sanchez’s recent theatrics in proposing an amendment to the City Charter that would mandate APD having 25 peace officers per 11,500 residents, “Harris and Sanchez are grandstanding to set their re-elections up for success – while they set voters and APD up to fail.”

III. As expected, former Albuquerque Republican U.S. Representative, Heather Wilson was confirmed by the U.S. Senate to serve as the Trump administration’s Secretary of the Air Force. New Mexico Air Force installations and DOD missions have another strong ally in the Pentagon.

IV. An interesting dynamic is developing in the Democratic primary to replace Michelle Lujan-Grisham on Albuquerque’s Congressional Distrtict 1 seat. Progressive darling, community organizer turned city councilor Pat Davis and Laguna Pueblo tribal member, former DPNM Chair Deb Haaland are the only primary candidates thus far facing off in the Democratic leaning district. Haaland and Davis represent different factions within a divided party. Halaand was a staunch supporter of Clinton in the 2016 presidential primary, was Davis feeling the Bern? According to Indian Country magazine, if elected Haaland would be the first Native American woman elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. Davis’ burning ambition may be interrupted by Haaland’s natural rise.

V. According to the AP wild fire near Reserve, NM in the Gila National Forest has spread to cover 4.4 square miles with only 17% contained. Senator Heinrich has a page with pertinent information and resources for wild fires and their prevention.